Most people do not have solutions on how to clean concrete and there are many “claims” as to how to effectively clean concrete.  We decided it was time for somebody to test the various cleaning techniques, suggestions, and the products found from all over the internet and hardware stores.  Our experiment has lead us to conclusions which will surely give you THE RIGHT answer in how to make your patio, driveway and garage look beautiful once again.  After testing out all the concrete cleaners at Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, Costco and scouring the internet for more concrete cleaners – we have found the guaranteed answer for how to clean concrete.  Before we reveal which product was the winner, let’s take a look at what an effective concrete cleaner should accomplish.

What makes a concrete cleaner effective is how many different types of dirt the cleaner is able to remove.  This is especially true when cleaning concrete.  A cleaner that can clean dirt is one thing, but a cleaner that can remove oil AND dirt AND stains is what we considered to be a true concrete cleaner.  After all, there are so many different types of stains on concrete that a true concrete cleaner needs to be able to help a homeowner clean all the different types of dirt.  The dirt found on your patio is going to be different than the dirt found on your garage floor.  The dirt on your walkway is going to be different than the dirt found on your driveway. This is where we saw the biggest downfall in many cleaners that “claimed’ to be concrete cleaners.

So what products did we test?  How did we go about testing all the different products?  We wanted to make sure that our testing was not just another cleaning suggestion or promotional website for how to clean concrete.  We wanted to get to the bottom of what actually works and what doesn’t.  We didn’t care which product won our evaluation, but we figured it was about time somebody took the time to see what is the right way for age old question of how to clean concrete.

We used all the concrete cleaners listed below:

CreteClean® Max Concrete Cleaner, Behr® Concrete and Masonry Cleaner,
ZEP® Driveway and Concrete Cleaner, Black Bull® Concrete Cleaner and Degreaser
Eagle® Concrete Cleaner, Get G Clean® Concrete Cleaner and Degreaser
Rejuvenate® Stain Stealer, QUIKRETE® Concrete Cleaner
Wet & Forget®, Seal-Krete® Oil Stain Remover
30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner®, Simple Green® Concrete & Driveway Cleaner
Pour-N-Restore® Concrete Cleaner, Wash Safe® Floor Scrub HD Concrete Cleaner
VMC Vitro-Clean® Concrete Cleaner, Campbell-Hausfeld® Concrete Cleaner
Bleach, Vinegar
Oven Cleaner, Chlorine and Bleach mixture 50/50
Baking Soda and Bleach Mixture, Ammonia


The only fair way to test all these concrete cleaners was to test them against the same type of stains found on the same concrete surfaces.  We calculated that there are 4 main concrete areas that any DIY homeowner would want to clean:

1) Driveway

2) Patio

3) Garage

4) Sidewalk / Walkway


We tested ALL the cleaners on the SAME driveway, the SAME patio, the SAME garage and the SAME walkwayThis allowed us to keep the results accurate since testing different patios would not be a fair comparison.  We also figured that each house may have different types of stains and dirt on their concrete, so this was the only way to keep the testing accurate.  Since we purchased all these products, we decided to try them out at 6 different houses.  This would give us the best all around results as well.


The Winner Of Best Concrete Cleaner =  CreteClean® Max Concrete Cleaner
Website to purchase it at:

Why We Chose CreteClean Max?

The best product with astonishing results from our tests was CreteClean Max.  This product comes in a small container but has tiny little granules which make it easy to spread over concrete.  CreteClean Max was the best concrete cleaner for all 4 areas: the driveway, garage, patio and walkway.  This was surprising because we didn’t think there was going to be one concrete cleaner that actually worked against all the different types of dirt and stains found on different areas of concrete.  Further, the fact that this product had the best results at ALL 6 houses is why we crowned it “The Best Concrete Cleaner”.  We were expecting to have mixed results, with some products cleaning better than others, but then not cleaning as well when we tried them at another house.  This was not the case with CreteClean Max.  Our team that led this DIY Homeowners experiment was quite amazed at the vast difference in cleaning ability between CreteClean Max and the other products.  We purchased CreteClean Max from Home Depot online.  It is available through various websites and can also be purchased at the product’s main website:

The product’s website  highlights key features and even has a long video showing how CreteClean Max cleans different concrete areas.  Apparently they have developed some sort of “new technology” and that is the reason why CreteClean Max is so safe and effective.


But we also need to look beyond just the results and make sure that what we use is actually safe.  So many internet suggestions talk about using bleach or some product at stores that contain ingredients even harsher than bleach.  CreteClean Max is an environmentally safe concrete cleaner.  This is what made this product stand out even more for us.  Not only was it the most effective cleaner, but the fact that it has the ability to clean using green technology made it reassuring to know it was the winner since it performed better than even the harsh cleaners.  CreteClean Max offers all the environmental safety features such as being non-flammable and safe to use in your garage or on your patio.  Many other key environmental features are listed on the container.


This cleaner is exceptionally efficient at taking out the toughest concrete stains without making you scrub them for hours.   Simple to use with no mixing, no diluting, no pressure washing.  This product offered guaranteed results as shown on the container.    CreteClean® Max is 100 percent water soluble and lets you create a liquid cleaning solution if you need to clean concrete stairs or walls.  However, it is worth mentioning that CreteClean Max works best when used directly on the stain in powder form rather than in a solution.   For cleaning concrete floors with notably tough stains or for a simple routine concrete cleaning, use CreteClean Max in its powder form straight out of the container.


We are happy that our tests produced a hands down winner.  It made our time and effort more satisfying to our DIY team that conducted the entire experiment.  Thanks to their time and effort, we can confidently tell you the answer to the age old question of HOW TO CLEAN CONCRETE.  If you are looking to clean concrete, use CreteClean Max.  You won’t be disappointed and it was the winner of our concrete cleaner evaluation.